Wednesday, 31 October 2007

CD : Mhiew Kunatarn - bon kae buer

This is a new morlum album by a singer we never heard of before but we like it a lot... well some of it anyway. The first track, the title track, is fine pacey morlum but then we get to track 2 "Birthday naew naew". I think we can live without a morlum version of happy birthday. The track really does step the tightrope between being dreadful and inspired and maybe is a little too gimmickry.

Fear not because the next track, the slow loogthung-ish "Kuen fan hai khao" is excellent. With interesting instrumentation such as some really harsh 80s synths and cool guitar. The rest of the album bops along and has an interesting variety of songs, the singing isn't bad. Overall this is a pretty good effort.

Rating : 7/10

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MV : "Wittalai lhai jai" by Vit Hyper

The quality is not very good on this one, it looks like it was recorded off the TV. But this is our current favourite song anyway. Vit is from the group Hyper of course and this is his solo work.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

CD : Bew Kalayanee - pieng soang rao

This is Bew Kalayanee's second album, the first was "nobra nora" of course which was a great song though overall we were not that keen on her debut, it was good but could have been better. So on to her second album then, this has the Nescafe tie-in "pieng soang rao" (the MV of which has oh so subtle product placement, no we are being really sarcastic). The song is great though, Bew has upped the rock a bit on this album.

We like this album more, it is a little more assured and powerful. And is positively joyful on the pacey "nah ruk nuk lah" that rocks along with some tasty guitar. She is at her best though on the slower songs like "loog khong poh" where her rich voice can really be showcased. We await album #3 with interest.

Rating : 8/10

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Thursday, 25 October 2007

New Releases (25/10/07)

  • Got Jukkrapun - Khor Tode Tee Kid Tueng
    5th album
  • Prame Preeyagorn - Ngao Boh Mee Wun Yhood
    Debut album from new R-Siam singer, we heard some preview tracks and it sounds good
  • Lookprae Uraiporn - Poo Bungkub Mhoo
  • Banyen Raggan - Pleng Puen Baan Esarn Tai
  • Poifai Malaiporn - Jatukarm Kon Jon
  • Ton Chai - Hao Doang Doang
  • Various - Loog Thung Sao Sieng Thong
    This is a good compilation of Grammy's female singers including songs by Tai Orratai and Praewa Patcharee.

Monday, 22 October 2007

CD : Duay Ruk Dae Kroo Sa-Lah

This is a compilation album showcasing Grammy's female loogthung and on evidence of this they have a good selection of artists. Track 1 is by Tai Orratai and as you would expect "Khor kae roo kao" is a fantastic song, actually its one of the best we have yet heard Tai done in our opinion. The MV is also great, especially when Tai appears on the screen 3 times. The song is so heart-felt too. Tai has an uncanny way of packing emotion into a song.

Another highlight is Praewa Patcharee's "Jeb tee tong jai" (MV link), how can you resist a song where the singer stands on a giant flower? We really like the way Praewa looks genuinely depressed as she is singing.

Jakkajan Wanwisah also scores well with "Kued hord boh jing", to be honest her recent album didn't set our world alight but we will revisit it again after hearing this song. Ratchanok Srilophan and Tuktan Chollada also have good songs on this album (and great MVs too). There arn't really any weak songs on this album, maybe Earn's fast song was a bit so-so. Actually the fast songs (which arn't many on here anyway) are a bit average but that doesn't detract much more the fact the songs on here are fantastic.

Rating : 10/10

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Friday, 19 October 2007

CD : Nui Suweenar - Fah Kwarng Klang Krung

Nui Suweenar's debut album and on this evidence she should be making a few more albums at least. Nhai wah jah mai jai aorn is a wonderful song, a slow dramatic soaring ballad drenched in organ, a bit like Procul Harem only totally different.

Some of the uptempo songs are a bit terrifying though and the album doesn't match up to the brilliance of the above song. Nui's voice is nice and rich and very listenable. The album is worth it alone for the above song, though some of the others arn't bad either, only maybe not great either.

Rating : 7/10

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MV : "Pee srao kao luem" by Ajareeya Bussaba

We love Ajareeya Bussada, so much so that if one day we has a daughter we will call her Ajareeya. Usually she does fast dancey songs but here is a slow song from one of her earlier albums. Actually its nearly a year since her last album so we are eagerly awaiting the new one!

MV : "Somchai 2007" by Jintara Poonlap

Is it just our imagination or does this Jintara song sound like it has the same tune as MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This"?!

CD : Golf Sirikwan - dancer poo torn

This is the debut album from Golf Sirikwan, an exciting new loog thung singer, and very good it is too. From the off the album takes you into an energy packed new world. There are whistles! There are yelps! There are bells! There are horns! And that was just track 1 (the title track)! Actually "dancer poo torn" is a very good song and the perfect statement of intent.

Following on from that is the more restrained but no less wonderful "Poo chai jai rai".

In fact the rest of the album is very good too, i listened to it waiting for a duff track. None came.

Rating : 8/10

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CD : Sear Napat - kum diew tee kao jai

You can tell Sear Napat is the real thing just by looking at the cover of the CD, sat there with her guitar she just looks "real artist" and thankfully the substance is on the disk too. Sear's voice is wonderful : rich, deep and warm. The music terrific ballads such as the title track "kum diew tee kao jai" and the exceptional song "chun mai dai ngoe" with it's killer pop hook and emotionally charged chorus. The whole world should hear that song.

Really it cannot be given justice in mere words, this album is so good it transcends mere written language. Sear's voice washes over you like an aural waterfall. So what a debut.

Rating : 9.5/10

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CD : Mint Nicha Makharmwharn - poo tai

Mint is a new singer and very very lovely she looks too, perfect in every way... oh wait this is supposed to be a music review. So what is her debut album like? Its not bad at all, her voice is a little weedy sometimes maybe but the music bounces along in a very infectious manner and the overall effect is good both on high tempo tracks like the title track and the wonderful "Chat wab" and slower numbers like Message kon ngao.

So she looks great and the music isn't bad at all. A great debut.

Rating : 7/10

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Poo tai (Youtube)
Nhoo ror poh yok (Youtube)
Chat wab (Youtube)

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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

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