Friday, 15 January 2010

CD : Songkrod Chama ทรงกรด ฌามา - khon kra jok

I admit i didn't like Songkrod's last album that much, it had one good song (no doubt the intended big radio hit) but the rest was a bit forgettable if OK at times. So i ummed and ahhed a bit where it came to deciding whether to get the follow-up or not. In the end i decided to give him a go again though the lack of that much else coming out probably helped my decision!

So the opening (and title) track is a big rock-edged ballad with a chorus. Well so far so good, its a good radio friendly song. It is followed by "Sua sin lai" that actually has some nice lo-fi keyboards and bluesey guitar chords. It has some nice atmosphere behind the song.

"Kae huang yai" is another atmospheric song, slowly building up into another tasty ballad like song. Songkrod's rough edged vocals work very well on songs like this. Faster songs like "Sew hua charng" i am not so sure about. It bounces around OK but when he sings faster he uses a higher key and struggles with the notes a bit.

He should stick to songs like "Fark" which suit his vocal style much more, and work well with the bluesey chords and relaxed style. I think this album is noticeably better than his last one which seemed to put all the effort into 1 song, this is much more even and much more enjoyable. I'm glad i gave him another go.

Favourite songs : Khon kra jok, Kae huang yai, Sua sin lai

Rating : 8/10

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kj said...

hi, understand that nang faa was a hit when it was released, was it used in any movie/dramas?