Tuesday, 27 November 2007

CD/MV : Kratae - perd jai sao tae

We first came across Kratae earlier this year when we saw her cool underground train / kick boxing pop video (see below) for the title track of her album "perd jai sao tae" on MV3. This is truly one of the better fast songs of the year and one of the best MVs.

The CD's problem is that the rest of it doesn't come close to the brilliance of that song. "Mai mee mue tue" is a decent enough slower tune though her singing isn't really good enough to really stand out. So in summary, track 2 is exceptional, the rest is just about competent.

Rating : 7/10 (mostly for the title track)

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mr bonkers said...

She is a former kick boxer with over 30 bouts to her name, she only lost a couple of fights, she was also singing from an early age. Very entertaining on stage but somewhat limited as a singer as can be witnessed by her version of Raw Rak.

Chris said...

Ah i thought she must be ex fighter, you don't get that physique from a hobby heh heh...

Her second album is a lot better.

mr bonkers said...

She sells VCD of her fights sometimes at concerts, quite interesting to see. I would not like to be on the end of one of her kicks, says she may fight again this year. Along with Bowee and Ms Cholada got an award this year, I think as best youngster.