Monday, 29 June 2009

MV : "Tora maan" by Thierry Mhekwattana เทียรี่ เมฆวัฒนา

Seriously great song and not a bad MV either!

MV : "Klied khon suay" by Noo Meter หนู มิเตอร์

Noo Meter's 4th album for RS is out today, this is a song off it.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Top 5 CDs of June 2009

1) Vit Hyper - muk ngai lhai jai lhork luang
2) Takkatan Cholada - dok neon barn kum
3) Tai Orrathai - kon nai kwarm kid hord
4) Morgan - modify
5) Earn The Star - yah mong karm kwarm sei jai

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

MV : "Wun tee bau mee ai" by Tai Orratai ต่าย อรทัย

We haven't had a Tai Orratai song for a bit.

MV : "Wassana ueng yuen" by O Sayun & A Sunya โอ-เอ

The guys have a new album out, this song is taken from their 2008 album.

CD : Morgan - modify

To some people hard rock covers of lukthung and other Thai songs may sound like the end of the world or a kind of hell, but not to me. This album where Morgan put their spin on various songs is a wonderful trip. "Kwanjai pee lhuang", which starts us off, is a great example of the album is going. Hard rock chords and drumming and passionate singing. For the heaviest song though you need to go to the end of the album with "Kum sar barn" which is truly fantastic. You feel like they are about to erupt out of your stereo's speakers, and then when it finishes you just want to listen to it again, and again.

I haven't heard the previous versions of all these songs though one i am very familiar with is "Mai loh tae ruk jing" which was my favourite song last year when done by Arid Waamak. Morgan put a heavier spin on it though oddly enough Arid's version had a better guitar solo. He did it in a more rock ballad style which is what Morgan's album is missing a little.

None of the songs are duff though, some are better (and heavier) than others. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but this is one album that is going to be staying in my car stereo for a long time.

Rating : 8.8/10

Favourite songs : Kum sar barn, Kwanjai pee lhuang

Saturday, 13 June 2009

CD : Nidnoi Nantaporn นิดหน่อย นันทพร - mai aow pee chai

Nidnoi Nantaporn's debut album, the title track starts things off and is a slow track with a great and slightly haunting melody. Its well sung, Nidnoi has a decent voice. Quite an unusual opener maybe but a great one. A driving melody and vocals that are strong yet also delicate. It is followed up by "Noom tai jai dee" which is a faster paced and nice and friendly pop song. "Tummai mai tho ma" is more traditional fast song lukthung, and again is done well. You can always tell when a singer has a good voice, the music producers are not afraid to put her vocals up high in the mix and to drive the melody and not be hid by the music. Nidnoi's vocals are to the fore.

"Fark kum kor tode" cuts the pace down and is a wonderful song with a relaxed melody and vocals that soar above. It is maybe the best song on the album, in some ways old fashioned in feel but so well done. Continuing onwards "Khon lai jai harm jeeb" is quite a funny song as it sounds like it was composed on a cheap 80s Casio keyboard. I really enjoyed this album, musically it is nothing spectacular but doesn't need to be as Nidnoi's voice is superb and she surely will be star.

Rating : 8.4/10

Favourite songs : Fark kum kor tode, Mai aow pee chai

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

MV : "Phee suer" by Sofia & Kluay Stamp โซเฟีย-กล้วย แสตมป์

Special album by DKS out now featuring Sofia, Kluay Stamp, Eak & Ple. Here are the first two in this song.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

MV : "Ying toe ying ruk ter" by A-Zeer

I got A-Zeer's CD this morning (as well as the new Morgan and Luang Kai CDs). Reviews in a few months perhaps. Until then enjoy this song off the A-Zeer album.

CD : Vit Hyper - muk ngai lhai jai lhork luang

Vit Hyper's latest solo album and what i expect from this are a collection of highly listenable yet tough rock-edge lukthung songs. And i am not disappointed. The title track which opens proceedings is typical Vit: robust melodies, gutsy singing and plenty of pop hooks. It also has some nice whistle and keyboards.

If Vit's songs are usually rock influenced then "Doo nang hai doo suer" is straight forward lukthung with a happy melody. I think he is best at the big ballads though with big meaty melodies driven by solid guitar chords, "Ngao kao tar" is an example of that. Driving tune leading into a big chorus, excellent stuff. To be honest i'll never tire of Vit's songs like this.

"Hed phon kon pid" which is the album's best track is similar with melodic progression and tone building up into a climax and a chrorus to die for. This album delivered what was expected and very well, another excellent solo album. To be honest if you want rock lukthung at the harder end of the spectrum Vit Hyper is the best there is.

Rating : 9.5/10

Favourite songs : Hed phon kon pid, Ngao kao tar