Monday, 4 August 2008

CD : Jukkajun Wunwisar - muer took kwam ruk ha jer

This is Jukkajun's third album for Grammy, i've always considered her a decent but unspectacular artist. Compared to some of her label mates she can often be a bit anonymous, so how is this album? Decent and spectacular and sometimes anonymous. If you are already familiar with her songs then tracks like "Bok muer rai sei jai thao kun" will be no surprise. Good listening but no sparks.

The title track is also a good track, her voice is nice but not as strong as some other artist who can be considered her peers. Basically what i am saying is this album is nice but not essential, it just meanders along nicely with the occaisional high point that delights. Grammy probably don't want to change matters too much but you wish they would sometimes take a chance and come up with something a bit unexpected.

Rating : 7/10

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Lemo said...

Personally - I found this CD to be a real gem. Jukkajun's voice, gentle, haunting and brimming with emotion brings to life some really excellent songs. The superb musical production has been carefully tailored to complement this rising star's unique talents, resulting in a first class album. If I had to choose, I would say Mee kae rao stands out as the most memorable track

Will Robinson said...

Most female loogthung singers these days are being recorded because of their pretty faces, rather than their vocal qualities for loogthung music.

Not so with Jukkajun Wunwisar, however.

Though attractive, she has a true "country" style voice, no other can match.

I bought one of her albums, then quickly bought up what was available.

Another album is long overdue