Sunday, 10 May 2009

CD : Pure Pure - kong len pood dai

I didn't enjoy Pure Pure's debut last year, i won't say i hated it but it was pretty forgettable. Her singing wasn't bad, even good at times but i couldn't engage with any of the songs. I decided to give her second album a go though and i am glad i did. "Tung jai ma lhork" starts proceedings off and is a terrific start to the album, a mid-paced ballad of a song with great singing, melody and instrumentation. Easily better than her entire previous album on it's own.

Did she just get lucky with that track though? No, "Leh lom luang" is another slow paced song which starts off with some lonesome bluesy guitar before another great melody. If anything its even better than the first song, Pure's vocals scorching through the music with real bite. "Koi" ups the pace a bit, only a bit and is another well sung country song with tasty guitar chords and another good melody.

"Khon kee ai" and "Kong len tee pood dai" keep the good music coming, the later with Pure's vocals cutting through a flute enhanced background. Its not all good, some of the later songs pick up the pace like on "Jeb eak tee ja dee mai" which is a decent fast lukthung song but Pure's vocals seem more suited to the slower songs where she can add to an atmospheric backing and then cut through with a killer chorus. So here we have it, a brilliant album. I'm so glad i gave her a second chance but i now need to check out last year's one again, maybe it wasn't that bad after all?

Rating : 8.9/10

Favourite songs : Leh lom luang, Tung jai ma lhork

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