Tuesday, 29 September 2009

MV : "Show ber mai show jai" by Duangjan Suwannee ดวงจันทร์ สุวรรณี

Duangjan has a new album out, this is one of her older ones.

Monday, 28 September 2009

MV : "Lerk pai luey" by Fon Tanasoontorn ฝน ธนสุนทร

Off Fon's new album.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

New releases (27/09/09)

  • Fon Tanasoontorn - Ruk Nee Mai Mee Luem
  • Duangjan Suwannee - Mai Kla Mee Ruk
  • Got Jukkrapun - Khun OK Mhai (6th album)
  • Songkrod Chama - Khon Kra Jok
  • Kummord Pornkhundej - Korat Sing Raberd
  • Vit Hyper - Jumbo Hit
  • Fangkaew Worasamon - Mark Kwa Puean Dai mai (debut)
  • Poj Suwannapun - Tark Narm Ta
  • Mountain Boy Doy Narmprik Nhoom - Boh Mee Fan
  • Aod Parquet - Pleng Samun Prajum Baan
  • Jintara Poonlarb - Jumbo Hit
  • Oiy Kraton - Narm Tar Mai Lai Kuen
  • Takkatan Chollada - Nai Wun Tee Sai Lom Pud Parn (greatest hits)

Monday, 21 September 2009

Saturday, 19 September 2009

CD : Noo Meter หนู มิเตอร์ - khon derm tee koon kei

Noo Meter's 4th album for RS. Of course we know what to expect: great melodies and tunes sung with Noo's relaxing yet rich voice. And being an RS album what we expect is what we get of course. Not that i am complaining. Noo Meter is one of my favourite male singers and his latest album doesn't disappoint. "Klied khon suay" starts the album off and is a mid-paced track with a nice shuffle-dancey tune and of course a good chorus.

"Hoon kra bok" is the kind of big ballad Noo Meter excels at, slow and guitar dominated opening into first verse, melody building in the background. You probably can guess the rest. Yeah big chorus. Excellent song. "Khon derm" is a little different being at times a little bluesy but also with some traditional instruments. A good slow song.

Of the later songs "Khon tummada" is a typical Noo Meter slow song (see "klied khon suay" for the blueprint). "Leelawadee" has some nice accordion and guitar. Overall this is an excellent album. You could guess that though. Sometimes you want a surprise maybe but at other times you want exactly what it says on the tin... or CD cover.

Rating : 9/10

Favourite songs : Klied khon suay, Hoon kra bok, Khon tummada

Sunday, 13 September 2009

CD : Tai Orratai ต่าย อรทัย - morlum dok ya

The Princess of lukthung is back but with a difference, this time with a special morlam album. Tai Orratai doing this is not as big a stretch as it might be for some mainstream lukthung artists as her usual mode is fairly traditional. She usually includes 1 or 2 morlam songs an album already so in this case she has just done it for the whole disk.

The album is fine. Tai isn't Jintara Poonlap say but she still does a pretty good job. As with any GMM release the production values are high and Tai's voice is superb though i must admit i hope she is back to normal with her next album. Like with all her releases Tai is quite restrained and genteel which doesn't work quite as well on a morlam track which often needs a bit of sass and attitude. Having said that it is a welcome release and Tai seems like she is having a good time. As will you when you listen to it.

Rating : 8.7/10

Favourite songs : Esarn lum plern, Rang ngarn kao nhiew

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

CD : Anda อันดา - volume 4

Anda's 4th album for RS (we worked that out from the cunningly cryptic title). I have resisted Anda up until now, some of her songs seemed fine but... well they didn't blow me away. However with her 4th album i decided to give the girl with a hippy look a try and i am glad i did. Anda has a good voice though more on the rock/pop end of the spectrum than what you would call lukthung.

"Job (mai) bor-ri-boon" starts us off and is a prime example of RS rock edged lukthung. It has a nice chorus with a pop hook and some nice guitar. It is a bit hard to distinguish Anda from some of her peer singers like Bew though on this song. "Yorm" adds some keyboards and harmonica and does stand out a bit more with it's sparser backing and more overtly country feel. However things do pick up before long and the song ends up a nice juicy country rock track.

"Jer ter nai pub" is one of the stand-out tracks. A powerful country rock ballad with a big chorus. Anda's clipped vocals easily a match for the backing. Proof that a singer can actually sing is when a robust backing doesn't drown her out, Anda definitely can sing. Up until now things have been a bit one paced but "Dek barn barn" picks things up and is a good faster song, its also more lukthung than anything we've had up until now but still with the warm country rock feel. Anda is better at the rock ballads though and "Fai klang fon" takes us back there. So up until now Anda didn't blow me away... up until now. This is a really good album. It is a very good RS female artist album too so you can probably get some idea of what it sounds like already. But when done as well as this you don't care.

Rating : 8.9/10

Favourite songs : Job (mai) bor-ri-boon, Jer ter nai pub, Fai klang fon

Wednesday, 2 September 2009