Monday, 21 July 2008

CD : P Saderd - jikko num kao

P Saderd's latest Grammy album, it includes a number of songs with a good-time rocky lukthung vibe such as "Kwam tong karn tang paed soong" which has a very easy and, dare we say it, sing-a-long-able (is that a word) melody. Some songs have a bit of musical whimsy behind them such as "Aow pla kon" and make you want to dance, or try to anyway.

"Ruk khon tho ma jung luey" is a more serious musically song, a good straight forward rock-edged song with a slow beat and some tasty guitar. Its the stand-out track on the album but there are other highlights such as "Nuey der...kao jai nor" which also has some great chords and a bit of an epic air. Well basically there are a lot of good songs on here and plenty of musical variety. Very enjoyable listening.

Rating : 8/10

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