Monday, 21 January 2008

CD : Kratae - khong kwan tee nong khor

This is Kratae's second album, i liked the first overall but felt it was a bit overshadowed by one song much better than the rest which made the album uneven. This album is better, its much more even and also the singing and production sounds improved.

Like before the album is a mix of fast dancey tracks and the odd slower ballad. Kratae does the latter a bit better this time but the fast tracks are as good as before, and if you get the VCD version you will see Kratae is dancing as well as before too!

Highlight for me is "mar lah woey" with it's 80s feel (very old skool rap in the video) and infectuous beat with "phai wah nong jai choo" the "kickboxing" video on this album just behind. The opening track "Aor bor tor boon mar" is also an excellent track with a great beat.

Bottom line : great entertainment.

Rating : 8.6/10

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