Monday, 29 September 2008

CD : Orn Orradee อร อรดี - ber toe ber hong

Nopporn's Orn Orradee is a nice enough artist but if you have heard any of the record label's stable before you can pretty much guess what this sounds like. The opening title track for example has a nice melody, lots of reverb on the vocals and a basic simple tune but it could have been on a number of other Nopporn albums. They obviously know what their fans want and provide it but it would be nice to be surprised.

"Nuk karn mong" follows the opening track and has a jaunty tune but the vocals are a little high-pitched. "Lod poong nhoi pee" has some nice instrumentation, the tune starts off guitar led and has some nice organ. "Mar sai dee kwah mai mar" is my favourite track on the album, a slower more ballady tune with a relaxed melody. I also like "Mali raek yam" with it's very slow haunting melody. So not a bad album but how much is Orn Orradee and how much is the record producer, i suspect its not 50-50.

Rating : 7/10

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