Friday, 29 February 2008

CD : Pleng ruk grarb tuk mae

This is a compilation released last year, to coincide with Thailand's Mother's Day probably as the theme of the album is songs to Mum. However where i live its Mother's Day this weekend so why not review it now... This Grammy compilation includes a number of their big stars though no Tai Orratai song which is unfortunate. It does include Got Jakkapan though. Now (don't hate me) but i don't really like his songs, i find them a bit too over produced and this is typical of his work. A rich voice, a good tune but the production is a little too... lush for my tastes.

Praewa Patcharee pops up next and this is my favourite tune on the compilation, she hasn't released many songs so they are always welcome. A jaunty song with a cute mid-tempo and a sweet half-spoken chorus. She says she would rather spend her mother on her Mum than herself, ah how could anyone not smile at that? Mike Piromporn's song is also well done. Oddly enough the tune by my favourite artist of those on the CD, Takkatan Cholada is a bit disappointing. The song is OK but compared to some of her other work a bit average. Pee Saderd's song is also not his best. Though Ratchanok Srilophan's tune is not bad. One of the highlights is the uptempo and very dancable tune from Dok-or Aor Toongtaung, it has some great music on the track especially keyboards. A good compilation then, maybe a bit patchy but those patches are real good.

Praewa Patcharee

Rating : 8/10

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