Sunday, 26 July 2009

MV : "Khon kum lung mee kwam ruk" by Karaked การะเกด

Low budget really but i like Karaked so much i forgive her just standing in front of a screen for her MV. Great song anyway, probably my favourite off her 3rd album.

MV : "Jun" by Ying Thitikarn หญิง ธิติกานต์

Nice song off Ying's current album.

CD : A-Zeer เอเซียร์ : self-titled

Debut album by a new duo presumably set up by RS. They play robust country rock and they both have strong voices. However i am not sure their voices blend together that well but it doesn't really matter that much as we will see. "Ruk kon mee fan" is female led and is a good opener having a nice chorus and good melody. Where the male vocalist plays his part is just in harmonies. As if they are taking it in turns "Sumrej kwarm sao duay tua aeng" is male led and again you can't really hear much in the way of the other's vocals, no more than normal harmonies. This song is another good one though, good tough song that rollicks along.

Yes they are doing it in turns! "Kae poo chai mun ting" is female led and is a more laid back song but with another good chorus. "Sao skoi" is a faster song with some good guitar, male led of course. Although its a "duo" album this is more like half a female and half a male artist albums put together. Its pretty hard edged lukthung, very commercial but very well done. Overall an excellent little album though the two might be better off on their own.

Rating : 8/10

Favourite songs : Ruk kon mee fan, Kae poo chai mun ting

Sunday, 19 July 2009

MV : "Pee bao sao lar" by Karaked การะเกด

Uploaded a few more Karaked videos to my Youtube channel, including this one.

MV : "Kong len tee pood dai" - Pure Pure เพียว เพียว

Pure Pure's album is one that has surprised me this year a lot, this is a song off it.

CD : Cream Pimwalai ครีม พิมวลัย : nang sao khon mai

The debut album by the very pleasant and fragrant looking Cream and the opening track is very pleasant too. "Luek sueng tae mai tueng fan" has a nice melody and is sung well. Cream's voice has a warm feel to it and plenty of depth. That song is slow with a good chorus, "Pah bai barn na" is a faster song, a quicker pace often finds singers out but Cream sings this quite well too. She has a young girl quality to her singing (as you'd expect) so it is a bit high and squeeky at times which is not always a bad thing but most of the time she pulls the songs off pretty well. Not the best singer but there is a lot to like.

The best song on the album by a margin though is "Kid nai jai" which is another slow song, and her vocals really shine here on the song as it builds it's momentum. Good chorus too. This song as "Luek sueng..." top and tail the album with their melody and chorus but the rest of the album isn't bad either. A good debut.

Rating : 8.1/10

Favourite songs : Kid nai jai, Luek sueng tae mai tueng fan

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Saturday, 11 July 2009

New Releases (11/07/09)

We haven't listed new releases for some time! Here are some of the new releases since April.
  • Maitai Jaitawan - Nuk Soo Hua Jai Serng
  • Nongsao Chanida : Say Hi (debut)
  • Tee Tutor : Sao Yook Mai (debut)
  • Noo Meter : Khon Derm Tee Koon Kei (4th album)
  • Karaked : Karaked Klang Fhon (4th album)
  • O Sayun & A Sunya : Koo Lum Koo Rock vol 2
  • Satien Tummuer : Nai Narm Khong Kwarm Huang Yai (5th album)
  • Sofia & Kluay Stamp & Eak & Ple : Chuan Nong Rong Pleng
  • Tai Orratai : Morlum Dok Ya (morlum remix album)
  • Monkan Kankoon : Rongngarn Pid Kid Hord Nong (4th album)
  • Luang Kai : Kae Toe Mar Bork Wah Kid Thueng (4th album)
  • Morgan : modify
  • NongTangmoe Pattra : Parinya Narm Tar Mae (debut)

Saturday, 4 July 2009

CD : Karaked การะเกด - Karaked klang fhon

Karaked's 4th album, i was happy to get this today as i am quite a fan. She was one of the first lukthung artists i liked though sometimes her songs are a bit bland, she can sing though. Track 1 "Toe mar nai thar nah arai" shows this off, its a good old lukthung song. Nothing out of the ordinary or gimmickry just a good song sung well with a good backing and its followed by "Yah wah nhoo der" which is in a similar vein though has a lovely little melody later on that draws out the emotions.

The title track brings the tempo up a bit (just a bit) and lightens the mood. It bounces along very nicely. "Kum ruk muk ngai" is a proper fast song. Like many artists Karaked is better at the slow stuff though she sings it competently. Karaked is all about the slow emotional song though and it's back with "Tode tee mai roo mee fan" which allows Karaked to show off her vocal tone. The song builds nicely. Another nice song is "Aeb ruk aeb miss call" , a gently building slow song. Karaked's vocals are fine on the album though some songs suit her abilities better than others. A worthwhile effort.

Rating : 8/10

Favourite songs : Yah wah nhoo der, Toe mar nai thar nah arai, Tode tee mai roo mee fan