Wednesday, 31 October 2007

CD : Mhiew Kunatarn - bon kae buer

This is a new morlum album by a singer we never heard of before but we like it a lot... well some of it anyway. The first track, the title track, is fine pacey morlum but then we get to track 2 "Birthday naew naew". I think we can live without a morlum version of happy birthday. The track really does step the tightrope between being dreadful and inspired and maybe is a little too gimmickry.

Fear not because the next track, the slow loogthung-ish "Kuen fan hai khao" is excellent. With interesting instrumentation such as some really harsh 80s synths and cool guitar. The rest of the album bops along and has an interesting variety of songs, the singing isn't bad. Overall this is a pretty good effort.

Rating : 7/10

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mr bonkers said...

You are up to date, this is the most exciting new singer I have seen in a long timw. Fist saw her at the end of a dull FM 95 concert in March the day after the VCD was put out, I had never heard of her either. She is a knockout in concert and sevral other singers you review here who were also there were overshadowed to say the least. Have seen her several times since and I like her dancing ability very much as that southern style makes a change from Issan dancing.Kunatarn is the name of her School, she is just 17 so if she keeps this up we will hear a lot more of her, why did she record that happy birthday song though? The concert tracks at the end of the VCD version are well worth a look, this girl is a star, so nice not to hear yet another new singer trying to do a Tai Orathai!- mr Bonkers