Tuesday, 7 April 2009

CD : Earn The Star เอิร์น เดอะสตาร์ - yah mong karm kwarm sei jai

Earn's second album i believe, i like Earn though the highlight of her last album was no doubt her photos (not that the album was bad but it was maybe a bit pop-lukthung bland). This album has lots of pictures too... and a great title track. "Yah mong karm kwarm sei jai" is a great fast track with nice instrumentation, Earn's pleasant if unexceptional vocals scoring well on driving verses and a great chorus with nice pop hooks.

The following track "Chuer jai ter tae mai wai jai kao" is a slower song with some rich vocal tone, it also is (a little bit) more lukthung than the first track which to be honest was as lukthung as David Beckham. Good song and very listenable. "Chai mai tee charge bat" is more "rootsy", another fast song and poppy. Earn comes across a lukthung singer singing a pop song here though. "Kum wa job poo bao bao kor jeb" is a slower song with big vocals dominating proceedings, the kind of song Tai Orratai stuffs her albums full of. That is no bad thing is it?

"Bork jai hai roo suek dee" lets the drummer loose in the strange percussion shop and is a reasonable fast song. "Tae korn ton nee lae talord pai" is better, a slow song with a great melody and plenty of "la la la"s. The rest of the album is a bit throwaway but "Ruk khon uen pai korn" has some nice music and an enjoyable melodic progression. I liked this Earn CD a lot, better than her first and a little bit more country though still pretty pop. She sounds good and still looks good. So its a definate win.

Favourite tracks : Yah mong karm kwarm sei jai, Kum wa job poo bao bao kor jeb

Rating : 9/10

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