Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Introducing a new style to this blog - less mechanical and more conversational

It happens in the life of every blog, the owner wonders if he is doing the right thing. Often it happens after 1-2 posts (and if you have a Blog that's not been updated since 2005 why not kill it so someone else can use the name!) The "midlife crisis" of this blog was reached recently. It had become a bit of a mechanical grind to update the blog.

I had a schedule worked out, 2 MVs back to back then a CD review, 2 more MVs then some CD artwork then 2 more MVs et cetera. Fine, it kept the blog updated every day but was... boring. So instead i am going to break from the old mechanical style and writing short posts that either contain a MV and some pics or a slightly longer post with a review. Instead all posts will try and maintain a bit of a conversation... and may also include MV/pics/review or whatever. The daily update grind will also be dropped though i'll try and maintain 3-4 postings a week.

It may make the blog more readable, not that i think anyone does read it. Its very low on the Google rankings anyway, even though its the only english language resource for lukthung that actually updated (or seems so anyway - not that i am bitter of course). So maybe more conversation will bring in the punters?

So welcome to version 2.0 of this blog.


mr bonkers said...

well I read it! If you get over here do try to see M-105 super luktung concerts as they are the best of the best. The sound, dancers, costumes and singers make it a great night out. 11,000 last week at Bang Poo, too much Fon but not enough m/s Cholada, 20 baht to get in which includes a bottle of the suggary drink sponsoring it, well done M-105.
Got seems to be out and about again, his shows are also top draw and his dancers are also. Keep it up I wish I had the energy to do a blog. Oh saw Jin last week day concert at the zoo (fathers day), anyone who says she has a child is nuts -but ahe is great with kids. Saw pong lang sa orn a couple of weeks ago extremly boring live as non stop joking, they never played one song straight the way through.

Chris said...


Well one day one day...