Monday, 16 June 2008

CD : Karaked - yark pen khon tee don ai huk

We are big fans of Karaked and eagerly awaited her third album, it does not disappoint. Karaked's smooth vocals shine throughout both on easy paced tracks like "Khon kum lung mee kwam ruk" and the pacier "Poo sao tai barn". The music on this album is full of catchy hooks which makes for a very enjoyable listen.

The backing is competant throughout though most of the excitement is from Karaked's voice which often cuts through the rest of the song and hits you stone dead. So a good album though there are a full duff tracks on the CD which cuts the rating a bit.

Rating : 7.8/10

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mr bonkers said...

Saw her last week at veteethai along with jin and brothers syan sanyar. She is another who is not very exciting on stage, average I guess is the best way to describe her albums and performances.
Grammy seem to have come up with an idea to combat people buying copy CD's, if only in a limited way. They are holding mini concerts at CD shops in places like Carfour, the bait then is for people to buy the singers CD and get them signed along with photo's. Seems to work, saw M's Cholada and Pai Ponsathorn doing one last week, nice to see them really close up, lots bought their albums. I would urge people never to buy copies-the real thing is more enjoyable and you are supporting the singers.

Chris said...

well i think she has a nice voice though not exceptional, it helps she is gorgeous heh