Friday, 8 February 2013

Tai Orratai ต่าย อรทัย - fhun yung klai jai yung ngao

After the slightly ill-judged morlum album last year Tai Orratai is back with her 7th album of what she does best : polished, weepy lukthung torch songs. Personally i thought the morlum album was OK but then again i'd buy anything she did. Even if she just read out a list of the Bangkok telephone directory i'd probably buy it. (Not that GMM should take any notice of that!)

Anyway this album is back to what she does best. And of course you will know what it sounds like as it sounds like the first 6 albums more or less. Powerful slow ballads like "Fhun yung klai jai yung ngao" and more up-tempo / traditional tracks like "Mue dai si kid hord". Its predictable maybe and definitely higher-budget and more polished than some artists who might have more "street cred" but its also totally wonderful. Tai sounds as she always does: fantastic. The music is as it always is: tastefully judged and matches her voice perfectly. So get it.

Rating : 9.8/10

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