Sunday, 2 December 2007

CD : Tai Orratai - pasa ruk jark dokyah

Before we go further we had better admit that Tai Orratai is our favourite singer but we will try and be unbiased. This album is brilliant anyway, bias or no bias! Released earlier this year this is Tai's latest album. It contains a number of wondefully sad and romantic lukthung songs starting with the opening track "kaew ror phee" and the heart warming "tueng dunk yung huang mae" where Tai tells us that even if she becomes famous she still thinks of her Mom... ahhh. Tai's voice is as good as always, she has an uncanny ability to take you away on an emotional journey as you listen to her sing... or something like that.

That is not to say the album is perfect, its a bit one paced, though thats probably because Tai's voice is not that suited to faster songs. The only real fast song is "sao rum wong" but even in the MV for that one Tai still looks miserable. But then again Tai manages to put her emotion into her songs wonderfully well so why not continue in that vein, though a bit more variety would be good. Lets hope Tai can smile a bit more on future albums!

Rating : 9.5/10

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