Tuesday, 24 November 2009

CD : Fangkaew Worasamon ฟางแก้ว วรรษมน - mark kwa puean dai mai

Seems every now and then a new artist comes along whose debut pretty much blows away anything else currently out there. And this time her name is Fangkaew Worasamon and this album is fabulous. Opener "Rawung! ... tok loom ruk" has a lovely dinky little melody and a very listenable chorus. Fangkaew's voice has plenty of young girl vitality and energy, maybe not the best lukthung vocals ever but certainly not bad.

The opening song is a little silly maybe but the following "Nung sue pok dum" is serious business, a big lukthung ballad. It checks all the boxes perfectly as far as i am concerned. Slow building melody - check. Great chorus - check. Driving vocals - check. One of the best songs i've heard for a few months. "Duay kwam kid tueng" is a more traditionally sounding song, Fangkaew's vocals do not work quite as well on this. Rockier songs are her forte but this is still very listenable.

"Lor len...na" is an "interesting" song, with a very electronic beat and is a very child-like song, though has sufficient charm for me to actually like it and i usually loathe songs like this! "Ruk mai kla sadeng oak" is much more serious and is a lovely country-rock song.

The album isn't quite perfect but the closest thing we have to it right now. As i said these new artists who i really like come along once or twice a year. Unfortunately they never seem to release a second album which either means i do not know what on Earth i am talking about or it is sheer bad luck (probably the former). Anyway i hope Fangkaew bucks the trend!

Favourite songs : Nung sue pok dum, Rawung! ... tok loom ruk

Rating : 9.4/10

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