Sunday, 25 April 2010

Boonta Muangmai บุญตา เมืองใหม่ - kwam wung... bon tarng sai mai

Now i dare say Boonta is no rookie (actually i know she is as she has quite a back catalogue of CDs already) but this is my first time to listen to her and she impresses me with her voice and songs. "Yah hen nong pen kong tai" opens the album and is a professional slower song with some nice melodies and gutsy vocals. "Bor kei luem barn hao" is very different, a fast traditional song marrying bluesy guitar chords and notes from a lot more traditional Thai music forms. Boonta sings well on this too. A key test for a singer is how they manage with a fast song. It can find out the weaker or adequate but Boonta shines on this track.

"Jai nong bor kwang por" takes the tempo down again, Boonta's vocals just veer the right side of shrill on some of the high notes but its good, trust me. This is another accomplished song. Terrific vocal hooks. Another song to mention is "Roo suek dee tee ter tho ma" which has some interesting instrumentation going on.

While the album didn't blow me away i enjoyed it throughout and will be sure to add Boonta to my list of artists to track.

Rating : 8.5/10

Favourite songs : Jai nong bor kwang por, Yah hen nong pen kong tai

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