Monday, 11 February 2008

CD : Sao Mard Mega Dance - sao lard pro

Sao Mard Mega Dance, so is that her real name or is her name Sao Mard, i hope the former as thats cool. Of course the most heralded song is "Sao lardpro", a rollicking romp of a song and for an album called by "mega dance" one of the few dance songs on here! Though when the tempo does increase the effect is great.

The vocals are hard edged and the backing much more lo-fi than some artists. "Thao boh yoo suan thao" is a key example of this, it sounds very much like a song on Takkatan Cholada's recent album but while Takkatan's version is slick and has sweet sounding chorus this version is much simpler with the chorus led by guitars not female harmonies. Both versions are great to be honest (the songs appear to have different titles though confusingly).

Most songs on this album are slow with some terrific saxophone on tracks like "Narm tar nah mike". Sao Mard's vocals suit faster songs better i think personally but she does a good job throughout this enjoyable album.

Rating : 7.7/10

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