Saturday, 19 September 2009

CD : Noo Meter หนู มิเตอร์ - khon derm tee koon kei

Noo Meter's 4th album for RS. Of course we know what to expect: great melodies and tunes sung with Noo's relaxing yet rich voice. And being an RS album what we expect is what we get of course. Not that i am complaining. Noo Meter is one of my favourite male singers and his latest album doesn't disappoint. "Klied khon suay" starts the album off and is a mid-paced track with a nice shuffle-dancey tune and of course a good chorus.

"Hoon kra bok" is the kind of big ballad Noo Meter excels at, slow and guitar dominated opening into first verse, melody building in the background. You probably can guess the rest. Yeah big chorus. Excellent song. "Khon derm" is a little different being at times a little bluesy but also with some traditional instruments. A good slow song.

Of the later songs "Khon tummada" is a typical Noo Meter slow song (see "klied khon suay" for the blueprint). "Leelawadee" has some nice accordion and guitar. Overall this is an excellent album. You could guess that though. Sometimes you want a surprise maybe but at other times you want exactly what it says on the tin... or CD cover.

Rating : 9/10

Favourite songs : Klied khon suay, Hoon kra bok, Khon tummada

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