Monday, 22 September 2008

CD : Songkrod Chama ทรงกรด ฌามา - tarm har sao nui

A solo album by Songkrod from the band Chama, the first track is a great start to this solo career. "Nang fah" is a terrific song, very radio airplay friendly with a great chorus and tune and a rock ballad-ish air, tied in to a film i think, the MV of the song seemed that way anyway.

Its followed by a more restrained but also highly listenable "Yhark pen kon tee ter tong karn" but also has a good melody and is sung well. The title track is very different however, a fast track with some good guitar and organ.

"Ngarn kao" is also a fast track, with some funky 70s guitar licks. I like Songkrod's vocals throughout this album, he has a crisp clipped style of singing that matches the robust tune. "Gae prao hao" is back to a rock-edged mid-paced song. Like many of the songs on this album its a powerful piece of work. Great solo album.

Rating : 8.5/10

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