Saturday, 4 July 2009

CD : Karaked การะเกด - Karaked klang fhon

Karaked's 4th album, i was happy to get this today as i am quite a fan. She was one of the first lukthung artists i liked though sometimes her songs are a bit bland, she can sing though. Track 1 "Toe mar nai thar nah arai" shows this off, its a good old lukthung song. Nothing out of the ordinary or gimmickry just a good song sung well with a good backing and its followed by "Yah wah nhoo der" which is in a similar vein though has a lovely little melody later on that draws out the emotions.

The title track brings the tempo up a bit (just a bit) and lightens the mood. It bounces along very nicely. "Kum ruk muk ngai" is a proper fast song. Like many artists Karaked is better at the slow stuff though she sings it competently. Karaked is all about the slow emotional song though and it's back with "Tode tee mai roo mee fan" which allows Karaked to show off her vocal tone. The song builds nicely. Another nice song is "Aeb ruk aeb miss call" , a gently building slow song. Karaked's vocals are fine on the album though some songs suit her abilities better than others. A worthwhile effort.

Rating : 8/10

Favourite songs : Yah wah nhoo der, Toe mar nai thar nah arai, Tode tee mai roo mee fan

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