Monday, 28 January 2008

CD : Parn Thanaporn - sao parn

To be honest i think of Parn Thanaporn mostly as a rock artist (or string to use the Thai term) but here she produces a luktung album. Did she start out a country singer? Maybe. Anyway the album was heralded by "Satree sri Siam" a loud and brash call to action for females. The song got a lot of airplay on luktung music TV and radio though to be honest i got bored of the song quite quickly. Nice video though.

Songs like "Look gai nai gum mue mueng" are much more like it. Excellent slow song sang well. There are a number of songs like that on the album. Her rockier songs are getting the airplay but these songs are better. As an artist i have liked Parn for a few years and some of her luktung songs on here are among the best i have heard her do. This album is pretty good overall.

Rating : 7.6/10

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