Sunday, 26 July 2009

CD : A-Zeer เอเซียร์ : self-titled

Debut album by a new duo presumably set up by RS. They play robust country rock and they both have strong voices. However i am not sure their voices blend together that well but it doesn't really matter that much as we will see. "Ruk kon mee fan" is female led and is a good opener having a nice chorus and good melody. Where the male vocalist plays his part is just in harmonies. As if they are taking it in turns "Sumrej kwarm sao duay tua aeng" is male led and again you can't really hear much in the way of the other's vocals, no more than normal harmonies. This song is another good one though, good tough song that rollicks along.

Yes they are doing it in turns! "Kae poo chai mun ting" is female led and is a more laid back song but with another good chorus. "Sao skoi" is a faster song with some good guitar, male led of course. Although its a "duo" album this is more like half a female and half a male artist albums put together. Its pretty hard edged lukthung, very commercial but very well done. Overall an excellent little album though the two might be better off on their own.

Rating : 8/10

Favourite songs : Ruk kon mee fan, Kae poo chai mun ting


Anonymous said...

Well the girl had her solo album already, I'm pretty sure it's Sear Napat, you reviewed her album back in 2007!


Chris said...

Hey i think you might be right, she did seem familiar!