Sunday, 5 October 2008

CD : Ajareeya Bussaba อาจารียา บุษา - job kao

This is the last Ajareeya album to date as far as i know but there are signs a new one is coming soon, anyway this is a very enjoyable album with the fast dancey numbers you expect from Ajareeya but also a couple of really good slower songs. Lets start with the fast songs, "Kammarthep mue mhai" is a good example. A good beat and tune well delivered, great chorus too. "Mai ruk luey lhor" has some nice guitar work. The title track, which starts the album off, also has a great tune and Ajareeya's vocals sounding as good as ever.

I prefer slower songs however and this album has a couple of great ones. "Mai roo wah ruk" is a sweet acoustic song, well sung and a sad tone. The best track, and to my mind the best Ajareeya song of all, is "Ploi pai tung jai ruk" with it's sad ballad air and terrific guitar work. MV is superb too. I hope any future Ajareeya albums work off this as the results could be fantastic.

Rating : 8.3/10

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