Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Top 10 artists and songs of 2009

My personal top 10 lukthung artists and songs of 2009.

1) Tai Orratai
2) Takkatan Cholada
3) Vit Hyper
4) Nidnoi Nantaporn (right)
5) Ajareeya Bussada
6) Bew Kalaynee
7) Luang Kai
8) Noo Meter
9) Earn The Star
10) Karaked

1) fan geb - Takkatan Cholada
2) luem ai bor wai - Klin Patooma
3) hed phon tee ton jeb - Tai Orratai
4) fah kong mee hed - Luang Kai
5) nung sue pok dum - Fangkaew Worasamon
6) tua chuay tee boh - Tai Orratai
7) pen huang der jar - Tai Orratai
8) fark kum kor tode - Nidnoi Nantaporn
9) klied khon suay - Noo Meter
10) aow ngao kao laek - Vit Hyper

Many thanks to all visitors and readers this year and i hope you come again in 2010. Things might be a bit different in the new year. Happy New Year!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

MV : "Poo chai khon raek" by Klin Patooma กลิ่น ปทุมมา

Great song by a great talent!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

CD : Job Sabuy Heart จ๊อบ สบายฮาร์ท - narm tar poo chai

Been looking forward to this one, in 2008 Job released the song "Say saeng", one of the best songs of the year though i was unable to get the album the song was off. This album, Job's second, is available however and very gratefully received it is too. Job is a cool guy with the dreadlocks and shades and backs it up with great hard country rock.

"Kum sarb" opens the album and is is a terrific rock ballad. Job's vocals are full of feel and life. You feel like Job actually means it and wasn't a product of marketing. Of course that may be the intention (of the marketing) but his vocals feel like they have plenty of authenticity behind them. And lots of rock guitar too of course. "Kon lhuer khor" is another passion filled track with a big chorus and big guitar solo.

"Narm tar poo chai" follows the theme, maybe a little softer in feel than the earlier songs but thats relatively "softer" there is still plenty of rock passion and another big chorus. There isn't a great deal of subtlety with Job's music to be honest. "Mai klah bork" is a little different, an acoustic opening and a touch of lukthung-style keywords. "Kid pai aeng" is much a traditional style song though Job's vocals are still like a sledgehammer and jar a bit with a softer backing. To be honest it doesn't work for me.

Perhaps Job wanted a bit of variety with his album however 10 rock ballads would be fine as far as i am concerned. "Way lar" is a little more like it though "Rub pai tem tem" finally brings the big guitars back. Job is my hero and this album is every bit as good as i hoped it would be. Totally fantastic. Hard music but with feeling.

Rating : 9.3/10

Favourite songs : Kum sarb, Narm tar poo chai, Rub pai tem tem

Saturday, 12 December 2009

CD : Klin Patoomma กลิ่น ปทุมมา - poo chai khon raek

What a great debut this is, and one of the best albums of the year. Klin Patoomma's album is full of great songs with rich vocals and a great backing. Lukthung with a rock/pop edge is the order of the day but there is lots of real feeling in her vocals such as on the opening title track with it's big chorus and scorching guitar chords.

"Luem ai bor wai" is another slow-tempo lukthung song with rock flourishes, with superb vocals which cut through the electric noise in the background like a hot knife. One of the better songs of the last few months for sure. "Pen dai kae sai sorn" opens with some harmonica and some big guitar chords but is another passionate lukthung-rock number.

"Yark dai yark dai" is a very different song, a little faster and a lot more traditional in feel and instrumentation. No less good though, a very catchy song. Much of the album is like the following "Jai ar worn", big slow lukthung rock ballads. Read a few of my reviews and you know these kind of songs are my favourite so i have no hesitation in saying this album is absolutely fantastic.

Rating : 9.5/10

Favourite songs : Poo chai khon raek, Luem ai bor wai

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

MV : "Santi pee" by Carabao คาราบาว

We haven't had anything by the legends of Thai rock for some time. Lets rectify that!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

New releases (06/12/09)

Punnawaree Pojjanasoontorn - Sao Noy Chiang Mai
Sao 5 - Kon Tai Jai Tem
Jonas Andersson & Kristy Gibson - Jonas & Kristy
Parn Thanaporn & Carabao - Bao Parn Return
Aof Dokfah Tahchana - Mai Mee Chun Nai Jai Ter
Jomkwan Kulya - Mon Ruk Loog Thung
Idin Apinun - Bao Guitar Yuem
Bao We - Bao We Vol 4
Siriporn Umpaipong - Muan Num Gun Mun Krajai
Nongpang Natthida - Kor Anuyart Kid Hord Ai
Klin Patoomma - Poo Chai Khon Raek

Thursday, 3 December 2009

MV : "Mai pen rai ไม่เป็นไร" by Jonas Andersson

Song off Jonas's & Christy Gibson's new album. They being Europeans (and probably the only ones!) who sing lukthung of course.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Top 5 CDs of November 09

1) Luang Kai - kae toe mar bork wah kid thueng
2) Fon Tanasoontorn - ruk nee mai mee luem
3) Fangkaew Worasamon - mark kwa puean dai mai
4) Pituk - sathanee narmtar waylar ngao
5) Tai Orrathai - morlum dok ya