Friday, 17 October 2008

CD : Nong Mild น้องมายด์ - ngarn kao

An admission, i usually dislike child performers but a few Youtube viewings of her songs persuaded me to give Nong Mild a try and with trepidation i began to listen to the CD and... actually its not that bad at all. Often young girl singers go too far in being cute and squeeky, and often get away with being rubbish because they are kids. Personally i don't believe in patronising children, if they are rubbish tell them, well Nong Mild isn't rubbish... she is actually pretty good.

The title track is a great start, all youthful exuberance and energy, excited girly vocals on a bouncy tune but the singing is good and clear and not too squeeky. As can be expected there are a lot of fast dance tracks here like "Pa ka poo Koo Aeon" and "Nah ka-la-to" but they bounce along enjoyably, the music is well done and the melody suits the vocals well.

Aha a slow song at last in "Tuk mae", Nong hums along with the tune to start with which actually sounds quite different, i can't recall that many lukthung songs i've heard recently that do that. Good song anyway, though its followed by another fast song in "Ta-lad taed-tae" which is maybe the worst on the album. Here her vocals sound a little too young and she strains a bit with the tune. Just skip that one, the rest of the songs are well worth a listen. Its a good album, Nong's vocals being very good, a lot better than quite a few grown-up singers i could mention.

Rating : 7.1/10

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