Saturday, 13 June 2009

CD : Nidnoi Nantaporn นิดหน่อย นันทพร - mai aow pee chai

Nidnoi Nantaporn's debut album, the title track starts things off and is a slow track with a great and slightly haunting melody. Its well sung, Nidnoi has a decent voice. Quite an unusual opener maybe but a great one. A driving melody and vocals that are strong yet also delicate. It is followed up by "Noom tai jai dee" which is a faster paced and nice and friendly pop song. "Tummai mai tho ma" is more traditional fast song lukthung, and again is done well. You can always tell when a singer has a good voice, the music producers are not afraid to put her vocals up high in the mix and to drive the melody and not be hid by the music. Nidnoi's vocals are to the fore.

"Fark kum kor tode" cuts the pace down and is a wonderful song with a relaxed melody and vocals that soar above. It is maybe the best song on the album, in some ways old fashioned in feel but so well done. Continuing onwards "Khon lai jai harm jeeb" is quite a funny song as it sounds like it was composed on a cheap 80s Casio keyboard. I really enjoyed this album, musically it is nothing spectacular but doesn't need to be as Nidnoi's voice is superb and she surely will be star.

Rating : 8.4/10

Favourite songs : Fark kum kor tode, Mai aow pee chai

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