Monday, 10 November 2008

CD : Maitai Jaitawan ไหมไทย ใจตะวัน - nuk soo hua jai serng

This album gets off to a great start, the tricky little tune that is the title track, with tasty guitar, great lukthung melodies and a sing-a-long chorus. I really like the following "Jai bor muk dee" with it's airy piano and guitar intro and powerful (and rocky) deliberate tune. "Kae mong kor mee hang" is back to more traditional lukthung territory and continues the high standard of musical arrangements so far.

You might expect a track called "Rock and Lao" to have rock guitars, and it does, maybe a little too obvious. Another sing-a-long chorus and lots of hot guitar licks. It is a lukthung song though and not a rock ballad and bounces along very enjoyably. Maybe for a return to the rock ballad of earlier try "Bor luem...kor pluem leaw" with it's slow intro but then it heads back to quick rock edged lukthung and is another good song. They are all good songs so far actually. I really like the melodies and tones of "Kid hord sao barn pern", the keyboard synths so delicate. This is a very inventive album full of great tunes. The vocals are maybe not the best in the world but certainly not terrible if just a little weak though the songs are sung with plenty of feeling which compensates.

Rating : 8/10

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