Monday, 10 March 2008

CD : Takkatan Cholada - nao sang neon

This is the debut album of Takkatan Cholada (though she has only released 2 albums to date so this was only released back in 2006). Now she and Tai Orratai are my favourite singers and its hard to pick who is better (so i won't) though i do think Takkatan is better at fast songs. There is a great example here "Laook jark nong sao" which has a terrific beat to it.

Of course where a singer like Takkatan really scores with her superb and powerful voice is on slower songs and this album starts off with a great one, the title track. Slow paced but with a powerful melody. "Roop see jong tung hua tiang" is also another good slow track with some beautiful singing. Overall the album is great, not quite as good as her next album (which i thought was one of the best of last year) but excellent all the same. Not to be missed. The only annoying thing being the DRM Grammy have put on the CD.

Rating : 8.5/10

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