Tuesday, 13 January 2009

CD : Noy Stamp น้อย แสตมป์ - theep song

Noy and Kluay Stamp releases albums together and within a few months of each other on their own. I didn't like Kluay's one that much to be honest, it was OK without being that exceptional. How is Noy's effort then? On the first instance is should be noted Noy isn't technically as good a singer as Kluay, his voice is a bit limited and gruff but that does add an "authenticity" to these lukthung rock songs. I like how his voice sounds to be honest.

Though on the title track that opens things his voice appears almost detached from the backing, as if he was singing acapella and the sound got mixed up with an instrumental. The guitar backing is good however though is better on "Aow-wa-sarn" which is a better song. Noy and the band seem on the same page anyway. A decent slow paced power ballad. The two opening songs have been rock based but "Sao nui coyote" is much more lukthung and bounces along at a nice pace. "Klied khon hua mor" is another rock ballad with more delicious guitar work.

"Sai rao pee bao" that follows is a fast lukthung rock song, Noy sings it a bit flat but its an enjoyable song to nod your head to. "Bork ruk korn norn" is quite different being piano led and has a nice tone that gradually builds. Guitar led tune returns with "Ja ruk hai kern roy" that is OK but a bit forgettable. "Yung ngai kor ruk" starts with a lovely guitar solo and into another ballad. Powerful song in fact. Noy struggles with some of the notes though but this seems to add to the emotion of the track. "Jao sao kra tuey" is a fast guitar led mash-up with a great solo. Finally "Ruk jing wung taeng" is a closing rock ballad and pretty much sums the album up : great guitar, rough vocals, great tune.


I like this album a lot, it has plenty of variety, some great guitar, the singing is flat but gutsy and overall the album is pretty well done. Its not flawless its a rough diamond.

Favourite songs : Aow-wa-sarn, Bork ruk korn norn, Ruk jing wung taeng

Rating : 8.2/10

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