Friday, 3 September 2010

Nui Suweenar นุ้ย ชุดที่ - khon nee fan chun

I like Nui, her first RS album was very good indeed and this is the follow-up. It starts off straight-forward enough with a decent rocky song with a good chorus. Nui sings it well enough but you feel sometimes she is straining on some of the notes a bit. Her voice also lacks a little of the warmth of some other singers though she has plenty of power. You feel Nui gives it everything.

"Kon nee fan chun" is another song with a good melody and rock edges. It has a really good chorus (though again a few strained notes). "Tien kai fai fah" is much the same, this album is built with huge slabs of power chords. If you like rock ballads then this album is for you. Its music i like which is fine but maybe there should have been a bit more variety in the song selection and a little bit more lukthung in the mix.

Its a decent enough album with some good songs but the album is not without some flaws. Some of the singing could do with some improvement though the music is good if maybe a bit samey after awhile.

Rating : 8.5/10

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