Monday, 1 September 2008

CD : Ajareeya Bussaba อาจารียา บุษา - dancer 3 katah kor jai

The dynamo of lukthung Ajareeya Bussaba, on her third album back in 2005 she gave us the usual high energy and highly danceable fast lukthung songs like "Poo chai mai chai lhek kar nid" which has her trademark voice. Maybe not quite the best voice in the world (though not by any means bad) but compensates with young girl charm and plenty of energy and vitality. I do enjoy Ajareeya's slower songs though (not that she does that many of them), one example here is "Pid term hua jai" which has a nice tinkly backing and some sweet vocals.

Of course thats just an extra, what Ajareeya is really all about is on songs like "Yim korn lar", fast and very listenable dancey faire. Coupled to a very colourful and visual video of course. I could not mention the album's title track with it's Chinese influences and the tune which was used by Hit Station for their jingles for a time. Its a very good tune. Actually the whole album is very good. Lets hope for a new album by her soon.

Rating : 8.1/10

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