Monday, 19 May 2008

CD : Mekkara Sabaphone - bor son khon mee meer

For a change some Lao lukthung/morlam and this artist, Mekkara Sabaphone, from Lao Art Media. Lets start with "pid huk pid hai" which is an enjoyable fast paced song with lots of organ motifs. Mekkara has a nice tone to her voice and handles the fast singing well. A better song though is "koy gam lang jai" which is a lovely slow song with sweet instrumentation and a sweeping beat. Mekkara again handles the song well and has a pleasing tone to her voice.

"Huk bao tang banh" is another fast song, again handled well though on some notes Mekkara struggles to get there perfectly, she dances nicely in the MV though so i'll let her off. "Khoy huk jak knon seu kio" is another notable morlam song, mid-paced and again with a great accompliment and spoken chorus. So overall then a good morlam album.

Rating : 8/10

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