Monday, 18 February 2008

CD : Pure Pure - ruk mai chai itim

Pure Pure is a nice looking girl and her album starts off in the best way... with an ice cream jingle! But it is the title track which is about ice cream. The track itself has a nice acoustic base to it and is horn and guitar led. Not a bad tune, Pure Pure's vocals don't set the world alight but arn't bad. "Nhung loong nhung roang" is a fast guitar led track with spoken sections. Again it is OK without being world beating.

Things slow down for "Hua jai lum aieng" which has some good feel to it and lovely flute and keyboards understated in the background. Pure Pure's vocals sound better on tracks like this, she has a warmth to her vocal tone that suits the slower song. This is my highlight of the album. Later tracks like "Lod spec" just seem to come and go without leaving that much impression though "Ror" is another good slower song with tasty saxophone.

Overall the album is a bit patchy with a few highlights but a fair few forgettable moments too, but not a bad debut.

Rating : 7/10

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