Sunday, 26 April 2009

CD : Bew Kalayanee - kumlung jai jark dan klai

Listed as volume 3 of Bew for R-Siam though actually her 4th album for the label. I am a big Bew Kalayanee fan and a fan of her strong rock edged lukthung and can't decide if Bew is my 3rd or 4th favourite lukthung singer at the moment, maybe this album can help me out. Why do i like Bew anyway? Well its the songs.

An example of a great Bew song is "Kumlung jai jark dan klai", a slow song with a brooding tune behind it, slowly building to a powerfully sung chorus. Its a great song though "Itcha" is the album's highest point though in many ways is a similar song. A slowly building song starting off fairly quiet and low-key but ending up in a chorus to die for. One of the best songs of the year so far in fact.

"Pho chey" is a fast rocky number which starts the album off, its very reminiscent of a Parn Thanaporn song, especially when Parn is in "lukthung mode". Bew can handle songs of all tempos well though she is best at the slower ballad-like song. This album is mostly just like that, "Ber sum rong" for example. Bew sings it well, she has a powerful voice yet also seems to include some warmth in there somehow.

"Nok rai peak" starts off quite dramatically with plenty of atmosphere before erupting into some big guitar chords. This is a big and chunky album full of good stuff. Plenty of subtle moments too. So 3rd or 4th. 3rd easily and if she keeps going on like this there may be further promotions.

Rating : 9.5/10

Favourite songs : Kumlung jai jark dan klai, Itcha

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