Sunday, 14 December 2008

CD : Nui Suweenar นุ้ย สุวีณา - nui sung fan

Nui Suweenar made her debut last year on another record label and her debut was not bad though only had 1 song that really stood out. Her second album is on RS and she looks mighty fine on the cover, love the bandana! So she looks good but does she sound good?

Yes! The first song is the title track and is a superb fast track with some nice guitar and a well sung chorus. She fits in many words into the fast chorus without any mangling of any syllables, a sign of vocal skill. "Bundit kreed yang" which follows is a laid back slow song. Nui again sounds good on the song though strains with some of the notes slightly. Following is the harmonica led "Ma tee lhung wung taeng". She sounds better on it, the key suits her voice better. Her vocals are clear and have a nice tone. The song has a nice basic melody.

The tempo is back up on "Lhob fon tee sork tuek" which has a nice dance beat and up a bit more tempo for "Khon dum jai dee". Nui's vocals really work well here. The song drives along determinedly. But what we need now is a bit of passion and drama. Aha "Khon koi khon klai" is next, a slow song with a bit of emotion in it. Superb song sung really well, powerful chorus. After the title track the best song on the album.

"Oak huk hai lhob tai" is a faster and more country-ish song with a jolly little beat and accordion. "Sao ta kom arom khem" is a fast song driven by some super fast guitar chords, sounding not unlike the opener of an Ajareeya song. Nui tackles the song well. "Kum kuen khon sode" has some fast guitar work but more rock influenced. The song drives along well in a rock-pop meets lukthung way. Finally "Bin lah ha koo" starts off with some violin and reminds me of an Irish song at the start. Its OK but nothing more than OK.

Overall a very good album with just a couple weaker songs but those songs are still not that bad. I'm so happy her album is great too, i feel such a fraud fancying a singer who is rubbish. She isn't.

Best songs : Nui sung fan, Khon koi khon klai, Kum kuen khon sode

Rating : 9/10

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