Friday, 15 February 2008

CD : Ratchanok Srilophan - kien fhun wai karng fa

Going back a couple of years we revisit GMM artist Ratchanok Srilophan, who has only released this album so far back in 2006. Ratchanok's vocals are great : clear and crisp and the overall feel of this album is fairly understated, a little sparse but also warm. Thats not to say its a brilliant album though, its fairly good but lacking in that "oomph" to really get it going.

Anyway the album starts off with the sweet slow title track, "Kum lung jai kwan toong" ups the pace slightly and has a nice melody but is still a bit sparse. "Fan pleng mue archeep" is a full tempo song but again is still a bit sparse compared to some albums. Her best song is "Sunya gub jai" which came off the later "Duay ruk dae kroo sa-lah" compilation though.

But returning to her own album, its not bad but could be better. Personally i found the album pass me by a bit without me really taking it in, her vocals though are good and deserve better.

Rating : 7/10

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Anonymous said...

I love most of the songs in this album. Ratchanok is one of the few artists who can sing with emotions. I have been searching high and low for more of her albums to no avail. If you know of any, please email me

Chris said...

I don't think she has done any others, none for Grammy anyway

Anonymous said...

I wonder why she has not released any more albums. I guess it is not up to her but Grammy.... cheers

chris said...

Well sometimes it takes a long time to get albums out when you are in a big record label unless you are one of the top stars.