Friday, 8 February 2008

CD : Tai Orrathai - mar jark din

Tai Orratai's new album (well a couple of months old now) and highly anticipated it is too, so is it any good? Its very good indeed but you won't be surprised by that. The stand out track is the opening one and title track, "Mar jark din", the sort of big sweeping slow song Tai excels at. A tale of the harsh city life and missing the friendly country life. Overall though this album is lighter than her last one. On a few tracks here Tai actually sounds happy!

On "Aow jai chuay der ai" (the MV of which Tai does a beautiful dance) and "Sil-la-pin loog jarng" are both faster tempo tracks and both feature shouty choruses. Another faster track is "Nung ngorn tee rong ngarn" with it's jaunty beat, not an easy song to sing but Tai pulls it off, though the lyrics seem a bit clumsy, maybe trying to fit in too many words!

"Keb kwarm lhai jai pai chai tee auen" and "Kon nun khong jai...pen ai dai boh" are back to traditional Tai Orratai territory : slow songs about problems with love. Tai's vocals sound as good as usual though maybe the sound mix is a little off here and there and the backing a little high but these are just niggles. It has great songs, great vocals, great music... its great period.

Rating : 9.3/10

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mr bonkers said...

I agree about it being great music but Tai is sadly lacking when it comes to concert performances. If you like your singers dancing and looking like they just fell off a christmas tree then one looking like she is standing at a bus stop may not be for you. As a recording artist though she is teriffic.

Chris said...

Yeah but then again some artists are great at dancing but not so good at singing. I think its pretty hard to excel at both.

mr bonkers said...

True, but I saw one last week who took my breath away doing both- Mangpor from Noporn Silver Gold. She has improved a lot and must be the best Luktung dancer. Last night had four Grammy singers on TV all dressed in Jeans- I think it's just the Grammy way of saying hey they are just like you. Tai was not on but M/s Cholada was and impressed very much, Phai Tongsatorn was with her, very popular singer too.