Monday, 15 September 2008

CD : Kluay Stamp กล้วย แสตมป์ - huk kiew suer duay mue plao

A solo album by Kluay Stamp but it sounds pretty much like Stamp do anyway, rocky songs sung well. My favourite track is the title track "Huk kiew suer duay mue plao" which has a great tune and plenty of riffs though it oddly lacks that little bit of stardust to elevate it from being a good song to a great one.

Another good song is the opener "Young ruk gun yoo mhai" with it's guitar led melody and even pacing and sung gutsily. "Narm ning lhai luek" is slower and more mellow but still has plenty of tasty riffs and a nice solo. Later on the album we have a track like "Jicko park soi" which is less rock and more lukthung and has a nice jaunty tune. The overall feel of the album is very rocky though and very good too, just falling short of greatness but still very worth having a listen.

Rating : 7.4/10

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