Friday, 11 January 2008

CD : Lookpud Pimchanok - khor tua pai roang hai

The debut album from this new Nopporn artist and its a good mix of slow and fast songs as you would expect. Lookpud's vocals are fine but maybe need a little more polish, i'm not sure if she is more suited to slower sad songs like the title track "khor tua pai roang hai" or faster tracks like the horn and guitar driven "chae waeb". She does a good enough job on both anyway, her voice can be a bit high pitched maybe for some of the sadder or more romantic tracks.

Those 2 tracks are my highlights from the album and both also have good MVs, Lookpud isn't a bad dancer. Other good tracks include the slow and romantic "fhark kwarm kid tueng". Its a promising debut and good entertainment.

Rating : 7/10

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mr bonkers said...

Saw her two weeks ago at a great Nopporn Silver Gold concert (a funeral) bit disaappointing in real life compared to their other singers, but she is just starting out. I bought this CD anyway and enjoyed it.NPSG concerts are the BEST, they really know how to put on a great show. Anna Arisa and the young Zindy were very impressive and top of the bill Mangpor was breathtaking strutting her stuff in the rain. Sadly Job and Joy were not there. NPSG have had a weekly contest on the TV for many years called Chung tang seang tong, thurs/friday, very good it is too. I think this girl won this contest. Love their outfits and dances, you never ever see a NPSG singer appearing in jeans and scruffy top!