Thursday, 31 January 2008

MV : "Sala puk jai" by Stamp

Great songs are made by Stamp that speak to the heart.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Thai Country Chart (30/01/08)

1) mar la woey - Kraetae (4)
2) khon sode prajum concert - Takkatan Cholada (1)
3) mai suay luek dai - Janet Kiew (8)

4) krung sood tai - Luang Kai (new)
5) tanakarn narm tar - Jintara Poonlap (6)
6) i kook kook - Kunta Na Nakorn (7)
7) nak ruk nuk lah - Bew Kalaynee (new)
8) mar jark din - Tai Orratai (2)
9) ghoe harng harng - Vit Hyper (new)
10) look gai nai gum mue mueng - Parn Thanaporn (5)

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

MV : "Huk koy ploi knao" by Joom Chanida

You certainly couldn't say this video lacks for colour! Great song from last year, actually i think it was the best song on Joom's CD.

Monday, 28 January 2008

CD : Parn Thanaporn - sao parn

To be honest i think of Parn Thanaporn mostly as a rock artist (or string to use the Thai term) but here she produces a luktung album. Did she start out a country singer? Maybe. Anyway the album was heralded by "Satree sri Siam" a loud and brash call to action for females. The song got a lot of airplay on luktung music TV and radio though to be honest i got bored of the song quite quickly. Nice video though.

Songs like "Look gai nai gum mue mueng" are much more like it. Excellent slow song sang well. There are a number of songs like that on the album. Her rockier songs are getting the airplay but these songs are better. As an artist i have liked Parn for a few years and some of her luktung songs on here are among the best i have heard her do. This album is pretty good overall.

Rating : 7.6/10

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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Friday, 25 January 2008

CD : Mam Pimanrum - yhark plien narmsakul

Debut album from a new singer. The first 2 tracks are good, yet standard, fast lukthung fare. The title track (track #2) has good brass backing and is a confident and bold song, sung with energy and a little bit of cockiness, and is done very well.

I prefer slower songs though generally so how are they on this album? The next 2 tracks Ruk tae kae mor 3 and Kuey nork jai gun mhai are not bad songs, especially Ruk tae... which is one of the better songs i have heard this year so far (OK its only January i know!) Track #8 Sen tarng sri tao takes it down even another notch and has some lovely organ backing coming in at just the right moments.

Mam's vocals are not bad, perhaps some work to do here and there but i like how she does some semi-spoken parts in some of the fast songs. I would rate this as a pretty good debut.

Rating : 7.2/10

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Thursday, 24 January 2008

MV : "Krung sood thai" by Luang Kai

Luang Kai's current album is a great one and this is my current favourite song off it.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Thai Country Chart (23/01/08)

1) khon sode prajum concert - Takkatan Cholada (2)
2) mar jark din - Tai Orratai (1)
3) ruk tae kae mor 3 - Mam Pimanrum (4)

4) mar la woey - Kraetae (new)
5) look gai nai gum mue mueng - Parn Thanaporn (6)
6) tanakarn narm tar - Jintara Poonlap (7)
7) i kook kook - Kunta Na Nakorn (new)
8) mai suay luek dai - Janet Kiew (new)
9) say saeng - Job Sabye Heart (5)
10) ngao boh mee wun yhood - Prame Preeyagorn (3)

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

MV : "Hai tai pai gub jai" by Tai Orratai

Where i live its been very wet lately, floods et cetera so why not celebrate that with this Tai Orratai video that features a lot of rain too...

Monday, 21 January 2008

CD : Kratae - khong kwan tee nong khor

This is Kratae's second album, i liked the first overall but felt it was a bit overshadowed by one song much better than the rest which made the album uneven. This album is better, its much more even and also the singing and production sounds improved.

Like before the album is a mix of fast dancey tracks and the odd slower ballad. Kratae does the latter a bit better this time but the fast tracks are as good as before, and if you get the VCD version you will see Kratae is dancing as well as before too!

Highlight for me is "mar lah woey" with it's 80s feel (very old skool rap in the video) and infectuous beat with "phai wah nong jai choo" the "kickboxing" video on this album just behind. The opening track "Aor bor tor boon mar" is also an excellent track with a great beat.

Bottom line : great entertainment.

Rating : 8.6/10

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Saturday, 19 January 2008

MV : "Sao lard prow" by Sao Mard Mega Dance

Brilliant song and MV right now.

Edit : (07/02/08) : Put it better version of MV without the VJ preamble.

Friday, 18 January 2008

New Releases (18/01/08)

  • Tai Orrathai - mar jark din (VCD)
  • Vee Jiraporn - jah aow young ngai gub nhoo

  • Idin Apinun - aeb joob roob joy (debut)
  • Karnjana Masiri - yoohoo nhoo pen sao laew
  • Chol Apichart - ber toe mai tong ber hong mee mhai
  • David - ruam hit (compilation)
  • Sao Mard Mega Dance - sao lardprao
  • Parn Thanaporn - sao parn (VCD)

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Thai Country Chart (16/01/08)

1) mar jark din - TAI ORRATAI (1)

2) khon sode prajum concert - TAKKATAN CHOLADA (-)
3) ngao boh mee wun yhood - PRAME PREEYAGORN (4)
4) ruk tae kae mor 3 - MAM PIMANRUM (7)
5) say saeng - JOB SABYE HEART (2)
6) look gai nai gum mue mueng - PARN THANAPORN (-)
7) tanakarn narm tar - JINTARA POONLAP (-)
8) loog khong poh - BEW KALAYNEE (3)
9) auay porn tung namtar - JOOM CHANIDA (8)
10) ruk mai chai itim - PURE PURE (6)

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

MV : "Dek pum" by Pee Saderd

You know what to expect from a Pee Saderd MV, loads of dancing girls... but hey i'm not complaining!

Monday, 14 January 2008

CD : Kunta Na Nakorn - happy happy

A new album by this artist, actually we haven't got any albums by Kunta Na Nakorn before but we are sure to get more in future by this beautiful young lady, as this is sublime. It starts off with a couple of fast tempo tracks, with some delicious funky guitar buried deep in the mix, it sounds fantastic.

You'd probably find it hard to hear a better album opener than "I kook kook". And Kunta's voice sounds great too, unlike a lot of female singers her voice is a bit lower and not sometimes falling into squeaks. Although they are pretty different artists her voice reminds me a bit of Janet Kiew, both artists sound like they have lived some life.

Afterwards we move to a mix of slower and faster tracks, the latter such as "tim mark" are more memorable though the slower songs are OK. The production is very well done throughout.

Rating : 8/10

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Saturday, 12 January 2008

MV : "Mar la woey" by Kratae

Got Kratae's new album today in both formats, its very good both sound and vision wise, especially on this 80s themed MV.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Pics from new Jintara Poonlap CD

The cover artwork from Jintara Poonlap's new CD and her first for R-Siam called "Jintara Krob Krueng Vol.1". Personally i think Jintara's albums should come with more pics, a lot more pics!

CD : Lookpud Pimchanok - khor tua pai roang hai

The debut album from this new Nopporn artist and its a good mix of slow and fast songs as you would expect. Lookpud's vocals are fine but maybe need a little more polish, i'm not sure if she is more suited to slower sad songs like the title track "khor tua pai roang hai" or faster tracks like the horn and guitar driven "chae waeb". She does a good enough job on both anyway, her voice can be a bit high pitched maybe for some of the sadder or more romantic tracks.

Those 2 tracks are my highlights from the album and both also have good MVs, Lookpud isn't a bad dancer. Other good tracks include the slow and romantic "fhark kwarm kid tueng". Its a promising debut and good entertainment.

Rating : 7/10

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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Thai Country Chart (09/01/08)

Tai Orratai - mar jark din CD

1) mar jark din - TAI ORRATAI (-)
2) say saeng - JOB SABYE HEART (1)
3) loog khong poh - BEW KALAYNEE (2)
4) ngao boh mee wun yhood - PRAME PREEYAGORN (5)
5) kuen nee mai glub - VIT HYPER (3)
6) ruk mai chai itim - PURE PURE (7)
7) ruk tae kae mor 3 - MAM PIMANRUM (-)
8) auay porn tung namtar - JOOM CHANIDA (-)
9) chae waeb - LOOKPUD PIMCHANOK (4)
10) wilmarn sungkasri - GOLF SIRIKWAN (9)

Monday, 7 January 2008

Friday, 4 January 2008

MV : "Say saeng" by Job Sabye Heart

I love this song, and the MV with all the cameos from actors and VJs and so on.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

VCD : Sieng Isaan Band - ruam dao sao

This fairly old compilation has 12 tracks by Sieng Issan singers, most of them are slower songs though there is some good dancing on a couple of tracks. The videos are largely great and suit the songs really well such as "kod nong naen naen" by Sai Yai with it's couple silhouetted behind the curtains in the background. Of course the fact the songs are great helps a lot of course.

The videos are often simple but simple often works, such as on "Tarng din tarng dao" by Nongwi Soopitra which is as simple as a video can be, just a singer singing in front of a static background. By the way we love the misery Nongwi portrays on her face as she sings, though she might be overdoing it a bit.

Some of the videos are funny too such as another Nongwi track where she is pursuing a guy she fancies but all her attempts to get close to him are thwarted, or the track ("DJ kluen jai" by Maiprom) where the girl falls in love with a DJ because of his voice but when she finally sees him she can't run away fast enough! Great songs, great videos.

Rating : 9/10

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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

MV : "Chae waeb" by Lookpud Pimchanok

Wake up to the new year with Lookpud!

New Kratae publicity photos

These new publicity shots of Kratae, taken for her new album, show that she is one person who definitely doesn't need to make a new year's resolution to diet!

Top 10 Thai Country Chart (02/01/08)

First chart of the year!

1) say saeng - JOB SABYE HEART (2)
2) loog khong poh - BEW KALAYNEE (3)

3) kuen nee mai glub - VIT HYPER (1)
4) chae waeb - LOOKPUD PIMCHANOK (5)
5) ngao boh mee wun yhood - PRAME PREEYAGORN (-)
6) kid wah hai mhar mun gin - JANET KIEW (4)
7) ruk mai chai itim - PURE PURE (-)
8) satree sri Siam - PARN THANAPORN (8)
9) wilmarn sungkasri - GOLF SIRIKWAN (6)
10) ber toh khon ngao - JUKKAJUN WUNWISAR (7)