Monday, 25 August 2008

CD : Jintara Poonlarb จินตรา พูนลาภ - yoo karng ter samuer

Jintara's second album for R-Siam, of course i expect to love this but by how much? A lot. The title track gets us off and running and is a superb mid-paced song with an irresistable beat and melody. Its one of those sort of songs you just track the CD back once you have listened to it so you can listen to it again, and again.

"Kao ma nai ta-na arai" has a similiar effect though not quite as good. "Kid por nong nae der" is a slower track with a relaxed but slightly haunting tone. "Boon maha chart kard ai" is much more upbeat with great instrumentation. Its great morlam period.

Maybe not quite as good as at her best but not that far off and this is better than her first R-Siam release, and even on 90% Jintara is better than a lot of other artists anyway. Its superb, enjoy.

Rating : 9/10

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goooooood girl said...

So good......

mr bonkers said...

Much better than recent output, just a pity they did not spend more on the MV, only one outside location.

Chris said...

Yeah this album is good as a whole as a opposed to a few good songs plus some padding like she had been guilty of recently.