Sunday, 19 July 2009

CD : Cream Pimwalai ครีม พิมวลัย : nang sao khon mai

The debut album by the very pleasant and fragrant looking Cream and the opening track is very pleasant too. "Luek sueng tae mai tueng fan" has a nice melody and is sung well. Cream's voice has a warm feel to it and plenty of depth. That song is slow with a good chorus, "Pah bai barn na" is a faster song, a quicker pace often finds singers out but Cream sings this quite well too. She has a young girl quality to her singing (as you'd expect) so it is a bit high and squeeky at times which is not always a bad thing but most of the time she pulls the songs off pretty well. Not the best singer but there is a lot to like.

The best song on the album by a margin though is "Kid nai jai" which is another slow song, and her vocals really shine here on the song as it builds it's momentum. Good chorus too. This song as "Luek sueng..." top and tail the album with their melody and chorus but the rest of the album isn't bad either. A good debut.

Rating : 8.1/10

Favourite songs : Kid nai jai, Luek sueng tae mai tueng fan

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