Friday, 20 February 2009

CD : Oil Araya ออย อารยา - kid tueng jung

Oil's album starts off with a nice title track. Mid tempo with a slightly cute melody and an even cuter chorus, its only slightly marred by the fact Oil Araya can't quite make a lot of the notes. The tune makes up for that. "Aab mong kang lhung" speeds things up slightly and has another tune with plenty of cute flourishes in it. Its good basic lukthung. Oil's singing isn't very special but its not without merit.

"Khon kei ruk" is a better song, slower and heart felt. The vocal track again lets things down with very noticable gasps for breath. The production team obviously had the day off and let the office junior record it. The song continues onwards with some nice music though strained notes... and more gasps. "Hai ruk kor dai" is a more traditional faster song and Oil sounds a bit better on this one, you can't hear her gasp for breath anyway.

"Yark hai rao khao kun dai" is more on the pop-lukthung side and has a very good tune, then Oil starts singing. More missed notes than a karaoke night at my house. "Babb nia" has a good fast rock lukthung tune, Oil doesn't sound so bad on this one. Actually its one of the better songs on the album.

Its hard to know what to make of this. Musically its not bad at all but Oil's vocals miss the note so often its painful sometimes, and she is let down by bad production at times too. On some songs she doesn't sound that bad so maybe its a case of bad song selection by her management. Some of the songs are quite good despite the flaws. Its not a flawed diamond though, more like a flawed crystal glass.

Rating : 7/10

Favourite songs : Kid tueng jung, Babb nia

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