Monday, 22 October 2007

CD : Duay Ruk Dae Kroo Sa-Lah

This is a compilation album showcasing Grammy's female loogthung and on evidence of this they have a good selection of artists. Track 1 is by Tai Orratai and as you would expect "Khor kae roo kao" is a fantastic song, actually its one of the best we have yet heard Tai done in our opinion. The MV is also great, especially when Tai appears on the screen 3 times. The song is so heart-felt too. Tai has an uncanny way of packing emotion into a song.

Another highlight is Praewa Patcharee's "Jeb tee tong jai" (MV link), how can you resist a song where the singer stands on a giant flower? We really like the way Praewa looks genuinely depressed as she is singing.

Jakkajan Wanwisah also scores well with "Kued hord boh jing", to be honest her recent album didn't set our world alight but we will revisit it again after hearing this song. Ratchanok Srilophan and Tuktan Chollada also have good songs on this album (and great MVs too). There arn't really any weak songs on this album, maybe Earn's fast song was a bit so-so. Actually the fast songs (which arn't many on here anyway) are a bit average but that doesn't detract much more the fact the songs on here are fantastic.

Rating : 10/10

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