Monday, 12 May 2008

CD : Various - the rough guide to the music of Thailand

Now for something a little different. Usually, as i live in the West, i have to get my lukthung CDs online but i was just happening to be browsing the shelves of a CD store here when i saw the magic words on the CD cover "lukthung and morlam". So this is a "world music" compilation on the music of Thailand though most of the songs are lukthung and morlam there is a Thai pop song here and a few oddities like an Elephant Orchestra (?!)

The lukthung is a little old but good, Jeab Benjaporn's "Ma kor tho tai" is one of her earlier songs and is an excellent example of lukthung, though not as good as some of her more recent work. Sao Somparn also scores highly with her "Katikar huajai". Maybe the best songs are some of the grittier morlam tracks here such as Man Motorgai's "Hae nang maew" and Pol Pan Lao's "Amazing Issan".

If you want an introduction to Thai country music this is a pretty good collection of tracks, though the absence of Jintara Poonlap is unforgivable though i am biased. If you want to check out a few older tracks this is worth checking out too.

Rating : 7.5/10


mr bonkers said...

Considering the lack of response from Thai companies the compiler did a pretty good job here. Jin's former company was not even interested in her being on a BBC album, so no surprise she is not featured here.

Chris said...

Yeah R-Siam provided most of the songs. Though of course Jintara is on R-Siam now so maybe if Rough Guide do a volume 2...