Sunday, 5 May 2013

Dokfah Tahchana ดอกฟ้า ท่าชนะ - mai mee chun nai jai ter

New singer for me, starts off with a nice basic ballad (and title track) with some traditional instrument flourishes though is pretty much a rock ballad and is a nice enough song with a good melody. "Hok dai hok pai" leaves us in no doubt that this is a lukthung album as its a good hard fast track, Dokfah's vocals crisp and cutting through the music nicely. A bit too harsh to enjoy that much though personally.

"Puean kui chua kraw" is a nicer song, slower with a relaxed acoustic feel. A quality piece of country rock. "Ratchada lakorn" picks up the tempo and is a simple if effective fast song. "Luem sunya" has some interesting instrumentation and is a good mid-paced song with some good vocals and melodic depth and a big chorus.

Overall i like this album, Dokfah's vocals are good though sometimes the song choices do not do her much justice. Its a good album but maybe lacks a bit of stardust to elevate it from good to great.

Rating : 7.6/10

Favourite songs : Luem sunya, Puean kui chua kraw